iPhone Application Contest

As a part of the DevDay for iPhone events taking place June 25, 2010 in London and June 23, 2010 in Geneva we are announcing an iPhone Application Contest. The three best applications will win an iPad Wifi 16GB. The winners will be announced at the conference in London and Geneva and at http://devdayforiphone.com/iphone-geneva-2010/ just after the conferences.

To enter the contest please send an email to contest@trifork.com before June 1st, 12:00.

The rules and conditions 

  - It has to be a new application not available in the Apple App. Store before the first of March.

 - The deadline for registering for the contest is June 1, 2010 at 12:00.

 - The deadline for summiting the application is June 1, 2010 at 12:00.

 - Only one application can be summited per person

 - The application will be tested by the Jury on an iPhone 3GS

 - The Jury is members are the Dev Day for iPhone Program Committee

 - Applications will be judged on:


    The use of the mobile platform in general


    Experienced quality

    Visual design

    On-line Off line functionality

    Efficiency in network traffic

 - There are no limits regarding application category ie. it can be a game, weather, news, stock etc.