Presentation: "KEYNOTE: iPad: Mobile Computing Redefined"

Time: Friday 09:10 - 10:15

Location: Sterling Room

Apple is positioning the iPad as a new category of mobile device between a smartphone and a laptop, and better at a set of key tasks than either of them. It is a device more intimate than a laptop and more expansive than a smartphone. iPad is Apple’s answer to the rapidly growing Netbook segment, but more than that, it is a new product that meets a set of consumers’ demands that have been addressed through the use of a variety of devices before. Just one month after the public release of the iPad in Europe, Raven reviews the state of the iPad ecosystem, where it’s headed, and its impact on content creators, app developers, and consumers.
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Raven Zachary, iPhone Entrepreneur and Founder of iPhoneDevCamps

 Raven  Zachary

Raven Zachary is President of Small Society, working with big brands, established companies, investors, and startups on iPhone strategy and product development.

Raven directed the Obama '08 for iPhone application for the Obama Campaign, and has worked with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Zipcar, Clif Bar, and Air New Zealand on iPhone application initiatives.

He is the founder of iPhoneDevCamp, a not-for-profit iPhone developer conference. Raven is also a Contributing Analyst with The 451 Group, an IT industry analyst firm and works closely with O'Reilly Media on iPhone and mobile technology related events and coverage. He is regularly quoted by the press about the iPhone market and is a frequent conference speaker on the topic.

Video Interview: Raven Zachary, Yahoo Developer Network, August 11, 2009