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Jérôme Layat, CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Hortis le Studio

 Jérôme  Layat

Jérôme Layat is an agile methods enthusiast who started programming on his Apple IIc way before knowing he'll have an IT career. Working on enterprises distributed applications, some involving mobile platforms, he always tries to infect development teams with agile methods.

Jérôme mostly developed applications within the JavaEE world but has also written MacOS software and games during last decade. He now focuses on iPhoneOS applications with the dedicated and passionate Hortis team. As an early days agile practicioner and the co-founder of Agile-Swiss.org, he regularly speaks at various Agile Conferences and European Universities.

Presentation: "Agile iPhone Development"

Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10

Location: Lancy


How an iPhone development company and its customer could work together in getting the best results within strong constraints: High standards features, short delays, a fixed product release date, a functional scope still to be defined and even sometimes suggested to the customer at the project start. During this session, you will discover how agile practices can help into reaching such challenging goals.

*This talk is in French*